The thinker cannot think, without the form

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The thinker cannot think without the form. Because the thought will not erupt without the form. Thus thinker is still a physical entity. Until one accepts the whole mind as 'I', he will not be able to unfold the mystery of the mind.

Therefore it is necessary to know 'I' is the whole experience of duality, not limited to physical body alone. If one remains stuck to the idea of 'I' to physical entity, he will remains stagnant within the mind or duality. Therefore it is necessary to know the nature of the mind which appears and disappears as experience of duality, to realize the fact that the truth is hidden in the mind as its invisible substence and witness.
Observing the thinker and the thought, is not the means to overcome the duality. The thinker and the thought are with in the mind, therefore observing them, keeps the seeker within the scope of duality, not beyond.

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Meditatiing instead of formulating theories

Dear Santthosh,

You are drowning in theories. Believe me, I have been there once, you will get nowhere with these endless pieces of mind-made trials to model the way to truth using intellectual tools.

You try to be there (non-duality) by avoiding the here (duality), by overlooking the fact that any way you take must start here (a basic fact known to any traveler).

Duality is your starting point, whether you want it or not. Until you realize and accept this, you will never be able to embark on your journey to non-duality because a journey cannot start without firstly stepping from the starting point. And the least you can do in this starting point of duality is to observe and accept.

Consequently, from your current "here", observing the thinker and the thought is the ONLY practical thing you can do to "overcome" duality. By negating this you are sending yourself and possibly some readers to 180 degrees useless direction and this is saddening.

You are doing yourself a huge damage by immersing yourself completely in an endless process of writing abundance of words of theories which do not come from personal experience. Instead you could have used the time to meditate, to do nothing, to put to rest for some time this very mind which is the origin of all these theories. I write this from a loving place, not from a judgmental one, because I feel you are a kind and honest man.

solo | Tue, 07/22/2008 - 15:03
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About starting here...

If he can start here, and end here, the matter is concluded ;-).

Omkaradatta | Wed, 07/23/2008 - 06:31
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We do not know where we are going to end

The destiny is unknown, you can only make one next step at a time and have trust.

solo | Wed, 07/23/2008 - 06:38
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I agree...

I agree that trying to 'be there' without starting 'here' is a big issue for so-called seekers everywhere. It's interesting however that "there" is actually duality, and "here" is NONduality - we often get this backwards, because we assume we aren't enlightened and need to reach a goal. I'm just pointing this out - the search for enlightenment is actually an enlightened search :-).

Omkaradatta | Wed, 07/23/2008 - 07:40