There is no parameter in the Spiritual life

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From the Satsanghs of SaibanisaJi

21. To lead the life on a good path, energy is needed to the physical body. One has to have his own ways and efforts to fulfill it.

22. While traveling in the spiritual path, beware of the people who try to deviate you from your spiritual journey.

23. To lead a peaceful life, you should maintain good relations not only with your kith and kin but also with your neighbors.

24. You should develop a helping nature so that others will follow you to help the underprivileged.

25. You should live amongst your kith and kin the way the Lotus plant survives in the mud water with out having any attachment with mud.

26. When you are doing the pooja rituals to the God, you will feel you are doing the routine job. But if you serve the Saints, you feel that you are nearer to God.

27. You will reach your destiny safely if you avoid traveling in the wrong path / avoiding too much dealing in monetary matters / a pomp and show.

28. You try to understand your capacities and accordingly accept the work load.

29. There is no parameter in the Spiritual life so you should lead the spiritual life till your last breath.

30. It is your duty to analyze everyday progress and you should not have contentment in the spiritual life.