There is no Hindu heaven, Christian heaven, Islamic heaven etc.

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There is no Hindu heaven, Christian heaven, Islamic heaven etc.

God gives value for the spiritual knowledge contained in the religion. Religion is the external cup and spiritual knowledge is the internal material supplied to the customer in the hotel. The customer pays for the internal material and not for the external cup. The sweet Payasam in the cheap ceramic cup will have high payment.

The cheap drinking water given in costly golden cup has no payment at all. The customer takes the material only and not the container. Similarly, the spiritual knowledge alone follows the soul from birth to birth and not the religion. When the external body is left over here, the soul raises up in a new energetic body. The soul in the new energetic body is associated with the spiritual knowledge alone but not with the religion. A Christian after leaving the external body does not remember that he is Christian. Similar is a Hindu, Similar is a Muslim, Similar is the human being of any religion.

When the soul goes up, it stands before God and is enquired irrespective of its religion. Only its service to the world under the guidance of God is counted. Just like you come out of the hotel with the Payasam in your stomach, leaving cup in the hotel, you will go up along with spiritual knowledge leaving the religion in this world.

Only the good and bad works done by you will have the corresponding fruits, whatever may be your religion. There is no Hindu heaven, Christian heaven, Islamic heaven etc. There is only one heaven to enjoy the fruits of your good deeds. Similarly, there is no Hindu hell, Christian hell, Islamic hell etc. There is only one hell to enjoy the fruits of your bad deeds.

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Haven of Heaven

Yes Sir! You said it, thats it!

Just like this present world with so many faces, cultures, traditions and religions, makes it so interesting for us to live in, likewise, heaven would be a totally boring place to be found with only people following the same faith. Quite unfair actually. The true common religion is found in each organised religion and that is nothing but the spiritual religion. Just like all different exercises are intended for one purpose and that is for physical health and strength, in the same manner all outward physical worship and rituals are solely meant and intended for spiritual growth and bringing us closer to God.

Since Heaven is a spiritual zone, it is not meant for religious people at all who believe in zero-spirituality. It is only for spiritual people...:) shocking but true...Heaven is also a safe haven for non-spiritual but good religious people facilitating spirituality.

Peace and Prayers,

Azeemi | Mon, 09/21/2009 - 10:08
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Only one God created this world

Only one God created this world

Hindus say that Brahman is the creator, Muslims say
That Allah is creator, Christians say that the creator is
Jehovah, all say that the creation is this entire world.

If Hindus say that Brahman created India, and if
Muslims say that Allah created Arabian countries and
If Christians say that Jehovah created the western countries,
The problem is solved, there can be three Gods together,
Who have created the three parts of the earth separately.
But this is not so, each religion says that their God only
Created the entire world, unfortunately there is one world!
One world only! Come on, all of you sit together here
And give me the final conclusion after debate, otherwise,
The scientists are laughing on all of you! Shame to all!
They criticize that these religions do not have even
The basic logic, which is the fundamental common sense.

Because of you, the greatest God is also mocked by them
They say that the religions are rigid conservatisms!
Even a small boy is putting this question to all of you.

Stop all your discourses and first answer this question.
If you want to say that God created the entire world,
You have to accept that there is one God only always
And that His names are all the above three names.
We see in the world a single person having three names.
If there is one God, He only created this entire world.
All the human beings are invariably His children only.

No Father is partial to a single child and therefore
He must have preached the same knowledge to all
In different languages and in different methodologies
To different levels, this is Universal Spirituality.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Tue, 09/22/2009 - 02:19