There is no God out there for us to meet! This awareness brings us to God!

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God! (Our initial conditioning, cultural concepts and acceptance about a God out there somewhere)

God? (The questioning starts, the conditioning seems limiting, seeking arises, presumptions get shaken, cultural concepts juxtapose with personal experiences - and God seems to transform!

I Am God! (We extend from personal to universal consciousness & discover our Godhood – we become aware its not about merging with God but about expanding ones awareness into the state of being… called ‘God’!)

God… I AM (This expansion from self to Self paradoxically leads to its spontaneous dissolution. We move from I am God to God.. I Am. Subtle, but all important difference!)


As long as we desire to ‘meet’ or ‘become One’ with God- we are going to have a ‘God’ outside self to do that with & the Godself That I Am cannot Be. Our yearning- while it plays a vital ripening role in the unraveling of Self- at the very core implies some degree of a state/sense of separation. The gnosis that there is no God ‘out there’ shifts us from this desire of meeting God into knowing its more about a growing awareness ...of our Godhood or the state of consciousness we call 'God'


To see everything & everyone as Self/God- is being established in Self or the state of 'seeing God!’ To know that nothing is not Self/God- is abiding in Self or the state of ‘seeing God’. This is the much spoken about 'PURNAM DARSHAN" ( that full blown mystical God vision that the mystics speak about)! Indeed it is the yearning to receive some other.. mystical .. 'purnam darshan that keeps us from this moment to moment God vision... from this moment to moment here and now state of tangibly ‘seeing’ God not only everywhere in everything but as everything!

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It is not enough to just say that one is God

Just saying to one that he is God (which is, by the way, true) will not yield any results. One cannot experience this just like that. Just saying this does not yield anything, it does not provide a service, on the contrary, it will just cultivate frustration.

This realization comes on its own when it needs to come. It's, by the way, not that important of a realization as it is practically conceptual only. The better way is not to be bothered by that issue and focus on awareness and presence.

david | Wed, 12/11/2013 - 06:47
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It can be the first step - or the last!

The ancient sacred texts start with the last step (no me, never bound, never born, nothing ever happened) ...and yet it takes the whole text ...and many lives to be on that first page! So yes ‘saying’ one is mostly an academic intellectual understanding at first. But as one explores this further through the different practices that work for different seekers, it transforms into ones awareness. So yes it can be the first step…or the last! Either way it can a powerful gnosis that propels many into its being ness.

At the start of spiritual interest one adds, learns, acquires, goes deep...there is divine pursuit…effort is natural; at some point a spontaneous removing, dropping, simplifying happens… there is divine surrender... effortlessness is natural!

Indeed spiritual practices (chants, meditation, awareness, self enquiry or whatever practice one may use) are not really about improving self; but about dissolving self! They are not about aiding us, as much as about aiding the ‘Presence’ within become increasingly tangible!

And each ones journey is different... like we all have a unique fingerprint, we all have a unique path home!This is the wonder of Existence, that every aspect of Its consciousness charts its own inimitable journey . Each one shares what works/worked for them, but it is for each one of us to add to that living torch, a meaning, a quality that is uniquely our own! There is no singular ‘best’ way towards awakening/enlightenment. There is no must do path, practice, step, teaching that is mandatory as a prelude to Self realization. Sometimes we get sidetracked by insisting this is ‘best’ or ‘only way’ or a ‘must do even if you do nothing else" because something (path /practice/ understanding) worked for us! We think what worked for us will naturally work for ‘others’! The intentions are good. But truly truly…as we establish in our awakening /awareness we realize there is no one way, nothing that is mandatory, that each one charts their own awakening- this is indeed the coup de tat/master plan of existence… each one enables and yet each one creates afresh!

Divyaa Kummar | Wed, 12/11/2013 - 18:57