There are many self-styled masters. How may one know a True Master ?

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A True Master is dedicated to bring souls back to the True Home of their Father. A True Master gives more than mere theory. He gives experience to His disciple. He shows the way to God, which is within. God and Master are within. This question usually besets every true I seeker after God. In my Boyhood, I had the same doubts and questioning before me. I did not dare to go to any Master for fear of encountering an imperfect master and then my whole life would be one of frustration. So I earnestly prayed to God for guidance. My prayer was heard. A True Master begain to appear to me in my meditations seven years before I came to Him physically, whom I recognised to be the same Great Master Sawan Singh. Your question remains -- how to recognise a True Master? Outwardly we should see that He has no selfish motives. He should be living on his own hard-earned money. He should not be fond of outward pomp and show. He will live a simple life. His thoughts will be pure.
His true qualifications will lie in His ability to give the initiate some first-hand experience by opening the inner eye to see the Light of God and inner ear to hear the Voice of God, the Sound Principle. The extent of this experience will be according to the background of the initiate and his receptivity.
After Initiation the only rules for judging for one's self is one's own inner ascent to the Spiritual Planes whereby one can see for himself, and meet all Masters; Past or Present, whereever they are, in the Upper or Lower Planes.
Those who contact the Master inside and talk to Him know.


> How may one recognize a true master

Hello dear brother Jasdir Singh Jaura,
Your this blog is very good for giving information on how to recognize ones's own guru/master. We must not be easy going when selecting a guru on the fancy of others but we must pray to God from the core of the heart with full surrender to God as per our inner truth, inner unselfishness, inner strength and energy; which means we must seek guru at 'spiritual stage' only for self-realization, only for God-realization because for the fulfillment of other mottoes and aims of life we must do our duties and services with our purusharth faithfully. Guru must be kept as ideal only for spiritual help and spiritual evolution.
When God blesses someone then He sends a saint/sage to such a devotee. Sri Ramakrishna never went anywhere to seek a guru but he prayed and loved day & night at the holy feet of Mother Kali who was God to him. Mother Kali sent various kinds of gurus to Ramakrishna who taught methods of various paths and religions to him. Revered, out-standing Vedantic, Totapuri (spoken as Nangata by Sri Ramakrishna in Gospel) came himself to him. Totapuri did not go under a roof but remained under the open sky and the saint was of the highest level at that time. Other sent saint was a Bhairavi who taught him the mysterious paths of spirituality. When he desired to know Islam and Christianity Mother Kali sent to him the best scholarly saints/God-realized saints of the paths of Islam and Christianity. Kali Mother was inner intuition of Sri Ramakrishna through whom he recognized each guru who were sent by Mother to him. Totapuri never remained for more than three days at any place except his Ashram but he remained for eleven months at Dakshineshwar alongwith Sri Ramakrishna because of the most qualified disciple for vedanta.

Nobody can become disciple or guru of anyone but it is the spiritual selection through the almighty on the bases of spiritual manifestation and Karmas of our previous lives. God gives codes for the recognition of ones own gurus to each one and gurus also gets direct command from God regarding to whom have to become his disciple. These are the debts and the credits of Karmas through which our parents are chosen to give us births and neither the parents nor the children have any instrument to choose at their own accord their children and parents respectively so on the same manner neither the guru nor the disciple have any genuine instrument in their control for choosing their own guru or disciple but it is all the inherited spiritual linking according to which particular saint becomes the guru of a person.

NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 08/20/2010 - 06:40
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Respected Dear Sir,

Yes Sir,
Respect for Each & Every Word of Ur Reply,
But Sir,
We can Never Change The "SEEING ANGEL" Of any Person,
His/Her "Angel of Seeing" is according to Deeds or Karmas,
But Sir,
It is Possible to change "Spiritual Politics" moving in the "MIND" of person,
So i am trying to put the Posts including Questions & Answers Too,
Anyways sir so nice of U,

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 08/20/2010 - 07:51