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There are many mature Souls seeking a Guru to guide them to God or Self realization. What is the measuring stick so to speak, is used to determine whether the Guru that you are seeking is really a Self realized Soul?.There are hundreds or thousands of Mahants, Gurus, Satgurus....Is it the fame of the Guru that attracted you towards Him or Her?. Is it the number of followers that that certain Guru have is the main reason that you feel attracted towards that Guru?. Or is it the size of His or Her Ashram that attracted you towards Him or Her?. If you are attracted to all the outer glitters and pomp, than you are truly going to be sad when you realize after a while, that you have been "taken-for-a-ride".

There are many many God Realized Souls or "Spiritual Giants" should I say, in this world...not just in India. But yet they are ever silent and almost invisible as they look and live their lives as ordinary like anyone of us. Do not be fooled by what is on the outer form, outer pomp,riches,number of followers, big ashram is not an indication of anything. In the Presence of a God Realized Being, you will expereince absolute stillness of the Mind, resulting in the Total Peace. In His or Her Presence, there will be only you and your Guru, even though there maybe hundreds of people sitting around you at the same time. Within your Heart, you will feel, "I AM FINALLY HOME". This is the measuring stick, this is the experience in the Presence of a Divine Being. But in order to feel that Divinity, you must be also spiritually anchored in your words,thoughts,deeds and action. Only one who is spiritual will feel that Divinity or Spirituality. Hari Om.

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Jai Guru!!!!

Jai Guru!
Thanks for sharing this nice post.
May we all blessed by such guru...with divine communion!

bonya basu | Wed, 10/17/2012 - 14:39