Their are only two forms of time in spritual sience, "TIME" & "AWAY FROM TIME"

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this subject is only for the people who are on their internal paths of sprituality in their meditatons:

commenely their are three forms of time past,preasent & future, but in the spritual sience their are only two forms: "time" & "away from time" ,or we can say them as "kaal" & "Akaal" , as past means the time i left behind, preasent means preasently my time and future means the time which is going to be come on me, we always use to suffer in these three forms of time, but in the spritual science it is different, their are only two forms, time & away from time, well time means what is going on ,and away from time means where their is no time, their are three covers or bodies, on our sprit , asthual, suksham and karan bodies, asthual means hard body, suksham means body of thoughts, and karan means male or female body, if u have removed ur first cover than i sugesst to take a true spritual master on ur internal paths , because after removing the first body or cover the maya or space becomes 2 times more powerful than this hardstage or asthual mandal, well if u want to go away from time u have to cross all these three stages, which is almost impossible without the help of any true spritual master.
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