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Thank you Naradananda ji for posting this. The Lord has sent our beloved Master amidst humanity to awaken the sleeping souls - however steeped they may be in darkness.

The truth is He is here for everyone... He loves everyone unconditionally... He shows us the way to live humanely... He, as the messenger of the Supreme Creator, has facilitated many things for many people... He has saved many people, He has solved issues for people... The path that He follows is the most painful... How, you may ask?

He takes on other peoples' pain to solve them and give people ease, solace and comfort. I have witnessed that His very ability to love everyone equally and unconditionally opens the way to reach peoples' hearts and transforms them with love.

His love is for everyone. He is an ocean... try and expand yourself to hold the love that He showers on you without holding back.

Pranam to the Lord and our beloved Master

Thank you