Textual Addiction of the mind

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Try just for one day to abstain from text. No reading, no writing, no internet, no profound contemplations, no looking for explanations and reasons, no text.

Try just for one day to abstain from text. Just for one day to meditate all day. To sit and concentrate on the breathing. No text, no retrospection, no planning - no thoughts. If a thought arises, look at it briefly in a detached way and then return your attention to the breathing, the thought will go away by itself.

Try just for one day to abstain from text and you will witness in real time the great anxiety stemming from your addiction to text. It is actually not your addiction to text but your mind's – text is its ultimate content – but it is more efficient and safer for now to stay with the saying that you are the addicted one because this way your mind will not be able to trick you to escape responsibility and it is anyway just a game of words, of text.

Try just for one day to abstain from text. Don't make it into a habit for now. One day is sufficient, even one day may seem too much. If you try at your current state of severe addiction to make it into a habit to abstain from text, your mind will either put too much pressure in response or it make the abstaining into a new addiction, a new entertaining game, a temporary substitute for the previous kind of text.

Try just for one day to abstain from text. Just one day. Make sure you don't fall into the mind's trap of convincing you to abstain from the abstaining, it will come with all sorts of convincing reasons, mainly ones that are intended to pet your ego. Just one day, what do you have to lose?

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Nature and stillness as a preliminary therapy

People who are seriously into mind, in other words - seriously addicted to textuality, feel acute anxiety of boredom when are in nature, for example. They prefer the word "bird" to the bird itself, they prefer the word "cloud" to the cloud, they prefer to discuss the dynamics of the waves rather than be with the waves, they will bring some book when are invited to a picnic. They cannot stand stillness and, god forbid, meditation.

I used to be like this.

For such people, being in the nature, just being there for a while, is a good preliminary therapy but it should be wild nature, not a public artificial garden - this has already been stained with textuality. To go to the sea and just sit and watch the waves, but not in a public organized beach - this already has textuality incorporated into its essence.

Tania | Wed, 12/03/2008 - 23:55
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tania seems as a darling child....

because whenever i observed transcendental aloness in night time before my sanyasa

i would sneak to nature zone in slightest pretext and also
when no one watches i am made to do some serious researches and implementation of projects for coming better years...

eg .,
i would in one second finish in full light all the doctorates done by people in whole world...

if justice permits i will disclose lot of secrets...

and mind i was number in all table tennis matches apart from all sports....

in 14 days i completed all vertions of upanishads and drunk its essence fully....

cross talk badB on phone so bye.....

with blessings,
swami vinayagananda
dated 5th dec 2008....
signing off with lord vinayaga....
let lord pillayar's bleesings reach all childrens...

swami vinayagananda | Fri, 12/05/2008 - 13:45
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To me she seems as a darling old lady

To me she seems as a darling old experienced lady with vast knowledge...

How crucial and valuable is the little simple suggestion she offers... How few are the ones who will overcome their fear and try it... How few are the ones who truly advance on the spiritual path...

banana | Sat, 12/06/2008 - 17:25
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Indeed, I am willing to bet

Indeed, I am willing to bet my fortune that most people here read, understand, realize the importance and YET are too lazy to try it. This is the main illness of spiritual people - laziness backed by all sorts of justifications. To sit on a confortable chair in front of the textual screen, generating ideologies and opinions is much easier than sitting in meditation, or going textualy-naked to the nature and feeling the stress of not having mind stuff.

We all suffer from this mind addictions, some admit it and this is half the way, some do something about it - these are the fortunate one.

happy | Mon, 12/08/2008 - 13:28
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I meditate intending to learn. I can be in a crowd and unless something demand my attention can meditate and enjoy being. I can spend days in nature, so long as there is food and water to be found, meditating on what is happening there. When I see something I know not, it becomes a source of meditation.

Meditation does not have to be focused only on breathing and ignoring everything else around us, it cam be on the external as well as the internal.
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Thu, 03/04/2010 - 17:30
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You try...

You try yourself. That was a lot of text, above ;-).

P.S. not everyone who uses the Net is addicted, just as not everybody who drinks fair amounts of alcohol is an alcoholic. One can only see this addiction in themselves, not in others.


Omkaradatta | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 00:21
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Exactly! You are addicted if you feel the above mentioned anxiety when you are deprived from access to text.

angel76 | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 00:42
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I agree, and also...

I would also add that addictions are constituted by ambivalence: Wanting to quit, and wanting to keep doing something at the same time. Thus, wanting to stop is half the problem. If we're free to do something, we don't mind doing it and there's no difficulty at all with it, it isn't an addiction. Only if it creates us some problems and we're conflicted/divided, then it's addiction.


Omkaradatta | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 01:09
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I would also add that it is erroneous to enforce stillness as a means to acheive Stillness. They are not the same thing. The doing of nothing or controlling the thoughts is not Stillness, which is an effortless resting as Awareness rather than the effort of control. It's an open awareness rather than a focused concentration.

Phroggy | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 02:18
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Do I sense fear?

Do I sense fear?

Sorry, it really works. Hard a bit in the beginning, like the preliminary adjusting phase of a drug addict deprived of the drug but is worth more than anything, it is buying your freedom.

dora | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 09:06
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It's possible you sense your own fear at the thought that your meditating has actually accomplished nothing for you.

The folks on this forum seem very attached to techniques and meditation, and about the only comment I get is something to the effect of, 'Try it' or 'get past the fear'. I'm not a beginner at meditation. I'm quite familiar with it, but I have a question for you and I'd be grateful for a response. You say it really works. In what way does it work? How long have you been meditating and where do you believe it has brought you? If it has not brought you to the simple Truth, present right now, is there a good reason to believe that it ever will? There are indeed benefits, and there are also traps. Have you considered this?

In addition, I was trying to make a point. Did you pay any attention to it or did you get distracted by somebody's fear?

Phroggy | Thu, 12/04/2008 - 09:24
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ramakrishna paramahansa nay baabaa

dora was a real gjani in the making like my student sweet idiot badru. from it she reached velammal the universal mother....

the word must be supported by action....

example u must meditate on evening cloud,write poetry

try to describe nature in your own words....

try to describe everything yes go to ocean and seeits mightiness ..............

all thoughts will cheese.....

yes now its time go to ocean and meditate on it or just see the mighty waves coming and going.......

the bible declares if god goes into thoughtless awareness
with his angels even the mighty ocean will become dry....

so do cultivate bhakti .........

bhakti gives u power to emerge dirtless in all suituations

like lotus blossoming symbol in ramakrishna mission...

gyana too is dry like sun in very deep yoga.

the serpant as raja yoga .....
the serpent head eating the tail....
like koundamani senthil laughter......

the raja yoga serpant encaptulates all
the ocean of karma yoga,
the lotus of bhakti yoga,
the gjana of sun power as in gyan dharshan,
and itself the raja yoga.....

equate it with....

the serpent shouting in heaven......
holy holy holy is the lord god of the universe....
and the 24 cosmic elders followed the beast saying holy holy holy is the lord god of the universe......

ask ?
why what unholiness is reaching the lord of the universe regularly for 24 hours that the beast is protecting by this loud shout,,,,
why the four headed eyes everywhere and eight winged beasts must shout .......

what curse they incured.... and why....

babaa means dharma moksha purusarthas.......

enquire on which diet u r

learning and liberation methodology or

all of them....

the pitfalls of phroggy is answered ....
by pathanjali raja yoga 1st chapter as obstacles...

if justice is not achieved the world faces grave universal war fare before time.....

with blessings,
swami vinayagananda...... vinayaga + aananda....

silence = sil essence...

hope the intelligent realise all its explanations.

the sound of kali itself took ramakriushna paramahansa to deepest perfection and similarly the object which led to total samadhi...

read his gospel ....

immerse in it...

u can see the proverb of jesus

"oh universal father let ur kingdom come let thine be done on this earth as its in heaven and give forth this day our daily bread"

take to seven days of bread diet if possible...

"linga the great principle and alinga pradhana are guna implementers"

if u can which is very impossible....

u must move beyond it for lasting liberation or moksha...'

and u must be wise enough to know all varities of mpksha nd how its endured....etc etc...

with blessings,
swami vinayagananda

swami vinayagananda | Fri, 12/05/2008 - 13:34
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"the pitfalls of phroggy is answered ...."

Phroggy is on to it in his own fashion with his own technique. ;)

I don't see a pitfall or obstacle in his reasoning unless you're trying to stretch the bhranti-darshana = false views or perception, confusion of philosophies part of the sutra. If that is your case then I disagree. Phroggy displays the antidote to pitfalls which is one-pointedness of thought, BTW, a preparation for deep meditation.

Swami, your approach is scattershot; good but not applicable in his case.

Meditation takes some folks to Now, Phroggy. It acquaints people with the movement of consciousness; it calms and quiets the mind and enlarges the capacity to Be.

slenten | Fri, 12/05/2008 - 14:16
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Self deception

Anyone who is incapable of doing this is dishonest with himself. For him, spirituality is just another way of entertainment, like watching television or playing soccer.

Anyone who is incapable of doing this and still condemn meditation is not only dishonest with himself but a mere hopeless idiot, not seeing that his mind plays a trick on him as part of his addiction to text.

sisi | Fri, 06/05/2009 - 14:27
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I agree that it is very revealing, and the meditation I've recommended to others when pressed for one is very similar; devote a day to doing absolutely nothing, not even focusing on breathing. No techniques, no mind state goals, nothing but paying attention; being the awareness that you are. This is extremely revealing, though beyond these revelations it will not accomplish anything, which is one of the revelations.
Your post sounds angry and judgmental. "Mere hopeless idiot"?? Oh, my!

Phroggy | Sat, 06/06/2009 - 06:41
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fine attention only

I'm using such harsh expressions just to get peoples' attention, to awaken them from the numbness... including myself. No hard feelings.

Regarding what you suggest: excellent direction, I would also deduct from it the generic paying of attention, just to stay with a fine attention if oneself is doing something for entertainment, for filling the void of inactivity.

sisi | Sat, 06/06/2009 - 08:19
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The problem and the solution

Yes, there is something ultra addictive in text. I suspect the mind is looking for text in whatever it gets addicted to. This is the narcotic.

It prefers music with lyrics to classical and Jazz music.

When there is a free time and hence a danger of boredom, it will look for books to read or a TV to watch. In both it seeks narratives based on words, i.e. text.

The addictions of the heart are another story. It does not include text this time.

The solution is in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/one-day-week-without-computer-or-tv-can-yo...

leo | Fri, 10/23/2009 - 13:00
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Most important sadhana!

I think this is the most important sadhana, especially for westerners.

If you look for one exercise, this is the one. It seems simplistic, it seems basic. Do it!

anderlaus | Sun, 11/01/2009 - 08:43
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What Would I Gain?

Should I do that, what would I gain? One is not alive if they are not learning, so why would I chose to die for a day?
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Thu, 03/04/2010 - 17:22