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Terrorism is the question nature has put before humanity and FORCE ONE is NOT the answer because what you resist,persists.Rather the answer is a group of people with a noble heart sowing the SEED of HUMANITY in the hearts of the people all around the world.There is so much hatred in the hearts of the people all around the world,unless we do something there it can never be undone in the outside world.Is any one thinking of a remedy there if not it can never be undone because WHAT IS WITHIN IS WHAT IS OUTSIDE.The remedy is not in the outside world because"IF WE FIGHT HATRED WITH HATRED WE GIVE BIRTH TO HATRED BUT IF WE FIGHT HATRED WE LOVE WE BECOME INVINCIBLE BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE"The time is ripe to start thinking in this direction.........This is the only hope of humanity to survive these momentous times.........Either humanity takes this quantum leap or be ready to perish.
If TERRORISM is in the outside world the seed is within every one of us........DISGRACEFUL.......But sadly,TRUE.Defeat it there otherwise they can never be defeated in the outside world........We are supplying the power........They are just petty instruments.THE OUTSIDE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT FUNDAMENTAL.......BUT WE ARE.