Terrible pressure from family members "Vegetarianism"

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I tell you. I was born in a family of meat-eaters. As a child, I did not partake of it. Nobody can force you. One may refuse. I can love you but it is not necessary to eat what you eat. These are limited excuses, you know. Somebody came to India who said, "When any food is offered, it should not be refused - in the Bible it says so." So he cannot refuse anybody's offer of anything? They have a right to poison you? Good things you may accept. Otherwise politely you say, "No." If somebody offers you poison, would you accept it? It's really not poison, but it affects you. These are only lame excuses for not refusing. If you live for some time in contact with higher spirituality, then naturally the mind comes under control. Now the mind does not want to give up outer enjoyments. When you enjoy inner bliss, how can you return? In the beginning at least something has to be done regularly.

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> when any food is offered,

> when any food is offered, it should not be refused - in the Bible it says so.

no, that´s something buddha said.

Karl Jacob | Sun, 08/22/2010 - 02:33
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There is difference between Food & Poison,

There is difference between Food & Poison,
One who understands Non veg as a slow poision can do this,
"WHY" it is written in the railway station & busstands That do not accept the eatables from unknown passengers,
Because: of the Doub't of POISION,
In Spirituality anything which comes in the path of "SOUL" as a intruption is POISON.
Till now, i hv not heard about a single family, in the history, in which all the family members are Spiritual or enlightened,
But i hv heard about many spiritual masters in the history going against their faimly,
Sorry! for anything wrong,

jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 08/22/2010 - 05:42