Tenth apperture (Daswan Dawar)

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The true pilgrimage is in the tenth apperture (Daswan Dawar) and journey to it has to be traversed by the soul which is immersed in every pore and cell of the body. By reciting the holy Names, we have to withdraw our attention from the finger tips of the feet and hands, and also from the entire body. We have to concentrate the scattered currents of the soul at the Third Eye (Tisra Til) which is situated at the centre between the two eye-brows. At this point, the soul glimpses the luminous form of the Master who assists it to bathe in the true pool of Nectar which is in the tenth apperture. By bathing in the internal pool of Nectar, the three covers of the soul i.e. Asthool (Gross or Material), Suksham (Subtle or Astral) and Karan (Ethereal), three Gunnas (Satogun, Rajogun and Tamogun), Mind, Maya and five passions (lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity) all are driven out and the soul becomes absolutely pure and crystal clean. Guru Nanak Sahib says that true cleanliness can be obtained only with the dye of the Lord's Name and by God-realisation. Such cleanliness or purity is everlasting and the soul gains honour and glory in the court of the Lord.