Temples are like power grid stations.

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Whenever we visit a sacred place like a temple, a mosque,a church or any other place; we feel ourselves charged with some kind of a positive energy. From where that energy come? How the place has become so charged is not a mystery. We all the souls,part of that supreme power are full of that energy which we offer there in many ways like prayer, devotion, gratitude, services, that too by thousands and thousands of people for years and years together. It makes the place like a power grid station where energy is kept stored for anybodys use. Actualy it is we who make the place so vibrant and charged. It is our energy stored and kept for us to use we need whenever. Any comment ?

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enjoy and leave the whys aside

This is true. Not all places but some places are definitely charged beyond any doubt of self suggestion etc.

I think we shouild less inquire why (in case of any spiritual issue) and simply focus on enjoying and benifiting when we have the fortune to be in such a blessed place.

I felt that tremendous energy in Meher Baba's Samhadi, in Arunchala in Tiruvanammalai and in the Olive mountain in Jerusalem.

dora | Sun, 07/05/2009 - 22:17