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i believe everyone has the ability of telepathy. but i need someone to practice it with. anyone interested should message me so you can be my partner and we can develop out telepathic skills by sending and receiving messages from each other

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With pleasure

Anyone is capable of telepathy. After you enter into this practice, it seems so natural, like the ability to speak to someone else. I think we are born with this ability but suppress it when we adopt the strong belief that there is nothing beyond what is transmitted through matter and beyond what we sense with our senses (which has been proved to be a false belief as we know for example that there are frequencies above and below the rabge we can ear with our ears etc.)

But in order to approach this issue, you must first learn a bit some tricks and guidelines and practice in an ordered way otherwise it may be like trying to take the steering wheel of an airplane and try to fly it.

mika | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 12:09