Technique to Attain Self Realization

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"You learn to remain
un-attached to thoughts
by first watching
how attention attaches
to a thought
in the first place.

You can become aware
of that action of attachment.

It is very subtle
and very fast
but if you are fully present
in this moment
you can watch it happen.

The thought arises
and then there is a
knee jerk action
of grabbing that thought,
of contracting attention
into that thought.

Attention is free,
the thought arises
and then it binds itself
to that thought,
it takes on the identity
of that thought.

Attention is no longer attention,
free and boundless,
it has contracted
into a something
separate from everything else.

It is a feeling
of stress.

By becoming aware
of this action
of attaching to thoughts,
you can learn to
let go of that action.

You do not repress it,
you simply let it go.

You are present enough
to remain as attention
instead of allowing that knee-jerk
reaction to happen.

It's like the telephone ringing.

The phone rings
and automatically
you answer the phone.

There is an unconscious
reaction that says that is
what you are supposed to do.

But you can simply
remain sitting
while the telephone rings
and eventually
it will stop ringing.

At first there maybe that pull
to answer the phone
but with practice,
you learn to let that go.

In the same way,
the thought arises
and you let it go.
That action of attention
attaching to the thought
need not happen.

In this you can learn to
simply rest in a state
of un-attachment.

Everything arises
and disappears
in attention itself
without affecting
attention in any way.

Attention remains
and in perfect peace.

This technique in itself
is a way to self realization.



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