Teacher – Master- Preacher- Mentor – Guru- is only one within

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Teacher, master, preacher are the words and labels given to a person who guides and passes on some information about any subject. Guru is a different word from all of them.
There is one way communication for transmission of knowledge. There is two way communications.
One way communication means – teacher collects the information and passes on the same to student. Student has to work upon it, crams and pass the examination. Teacher is not at concerned about the state of mind, body, liking, interest and devotion etc. teacher feels that mind can be taught in modern education system. If it can be taught, then all problem, sufferings and violence can come to an end in modern world.
Two way communications begins with the truth that the mind can never be taught but allowed to help to know the truth. We can create a condition outside for the mind to become aware and know the truth. Guru knows the level of awareness of disciple. a disciple is one who wants and aspires to know. How many students want to know? But a disciple is one who has decided to know, to discover and to search the very truth and existence.
A Guru can never answer logically to a student. That is why Guru found the way to answer through parables and stories. Stories are not truthful but it contains the truth. It conveys the truth.
Secondly, Guru cannot be forced to answer the question of student, in a way students wants. As Guru knows the question comes from ignorance, from unconsciousness, from his habitual mind, conditioned mind.
Thirdly, Guru knows how much a disciple should know at this moment in life. How much should be given to him to help him evolve and not how much information should be fed to him to condition his mind.
Fourthly, Guru wants to recondition his mind and not condition it. Reconditioning demands awareness of the question, reformatting of the question asked and awakening an insight. Therefore,
Not logical answer can be given. Answer does not contain information. Parable goes beyond the conditioned mind and opens one to awareness.

Take help from a stranger for knowing the address of your friend if you go to a new town. But make journey yourself to go to a friend house. Similarly, ask Guru, follow Guru Instructions, take help but tread the path on your own. Divine within is the real teacher and Guru who teaches everyone, even your Guru.
But follow Guru until you experience something different within --- LEAP, presence and also withdrawal of mind. Once you experience, some invisible force within you, will guide you the path. Well, if Guru is with you, he knows through his experiences and helps you to progress safely. He inspires you, how to cut the knot of ego, unconsciousness, ignorance and falsehood.