The Teacher

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"He who is in search of a spiritual teacher
should first seek the light within himself...

If one cannot contact directly this inner light, then one must search for the outer light.

The outer light - the spiritual teacher - is he who guides the true seeker into this inner journey for the intimate contact with the inner light - wisdom. He who is trying hard to experience his inner light, will easily find an outer light also to help him in his inner journey.

Each individual has to experience the truth in his heart because the experience of others cannot be his own experience. The enlightened teacher cannot give someone his own enlightenment.

The teachers guidance verbally helps in the understanding of our mental and physical functions, manifestations and problems, so that we may begin on the path of self inquiry. The duty of the spiritual teacher is to pass on the information, and the duty of the student is to practice and to transform the information into his blood.

Everybody understands reality according to their own capacity, rather than the ultimate reality itself. Therefore, your teacher can be only he who understands you, and whom you understand.

Nature is the ultimate teacher, and it has only one goal for all beings, especially all human beings: to bring them from the field of multiplicity into the realm of unity.

A spiritual teacher does not teach anyone to depend on him, nor does he pretend to be the master of anybody. Those who declare themselves to be a light, and those who pretend to be the light - definitely they are not.

The true teacher is he who removes the power of competition and jealousy from your heart, and makes your heart able to love not only all fellows of the present, but also fellows of the past and future. When there is union with the inner light, all selfishness, evil tendencies, chaos, disharmony, ignorance, egoism, misunderstanding, greed, lust, and hatred disappear and there is an uninterrupted flow of love, understanding, togetherness, selfless service, gratefulness and compassion."

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The Teacher

Thank again and again Tony for your wisdom.

I have found you and you have found me and the teacher and the student slowly merge into one and the student once again remembers its true nature beyond the tricks of the mind-ego.

Thank you for walking the steps with me and for guiding me away from the wrong steps.

Love, Wahido

Wahido Theriaca | Sun, 10/16/2011 - 08:46