Taraka Raja Yoga - 2(A New Yoga, New Path & New Direction)

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When we are ready to enter in this spiritual kingdom, Master will send one of his mediums to us. He will tentatively initiate us. But the Master will give the Real Initiation, sometime later. He will appear before us in his Divine form. By the Grace of the Master, a new Light kindles in our hearts.

The new entrants may be perplexed at this system How to begin it and how to practice this Yoga. Any senior medium is qualified to instruct the new – comer. He will preach the ways and methods of Yoga practice. It is essential to follow the senior mediums. They will be in a position to guide by their experience and knowledge.

You will experience wonders during the period of sadhana. You find no such experiences in any other Yoga, except in this Master Yoga. You find workings in the body and mind. You experience vibrations in the body. Your systems will be rectified before you launch in spiritual heights. You will see different colors and hear spiritual heights. You will see different colors and hear various sounds. During sadhana, without your least effort, your hands rise to do ‘Namaskaram’. These Namaskaram will be many in number. The working starts from the heart centre, descend to Mooladhara waking up the physical forces, From Mooladhara you will experience the Kundalini force rising up, touching the various subtle centers. It reaches the Agna centre. In course of practice, you can experience the subtle centers working. You can see the golden light ‘Hiranya Jyothi’ at the eyebrow centre, Agna. All these experiences are possible even within a short period of practice, if we surrender ourselves completely to the Master.

This wonderful phenomena is quite uncommon among other traditional Yogas. I don’t write it off completely, but say commonly impossible. One in a lakh of Sadhakas, and saints may experience that sort of thrill, very rarely. That too after a hard penance enjoys it, in the trance state only.

Many of our Yogis and saints often speak of Kundalini and its powers and various Chakras. Very few of them will have their experience. But in this Yoga, Master prepares every one of his followers, fit to receive all sorts of subtle experiences and psychic openings. After continuous practice of ten years, one will have more – and more spiritual experiences and what we call siddhies, And it leads man to Perfection, i.e., a state of deathlessness.

It is said in Hora Sasthra, that Master had created a new Yoga land for the benefit of his followers, on the left side of the Sun. They after leaving the physical, reach this new planet, and complete their sadhana. They become devoid of all karmas. They attain Divinity. On completing Yoga, they merge in Brahmam or remain in the higher planes as gods, or descend on Earth at the behest of the Master as Yogis to help humans in their self-realization effort. Strictly they do not have any bindings of karma.

One need not become a Sanyasi. Family life and worldly affairs do not stand in the way for this Yoga practice. This Master Yoga, is absolutely scientific, rational and completely free from all traditions and rituals.

Master CVV Namaskaram