Taraka Raja Yoga - 1(A New Yoga, New Path & New Direction)

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The lives of Mahatmas are seldom bulky. Their biographies contain commonly much uncommon material. From The material point of view, we find no scope to build history. But their spiritual awakening wakes up even nations from age—old sleep. Truly a mahatma is one who cultivates his Individual Atma, in union with the cosmic Atma and thereby attain Realisation. Master C.V.V. can rightly be distinguished from other Mahatmas for his invention of a brand, new, Master – Yoga.

His ‘Master Raja Yoga’ aims at permanency, perfection and purity. ‘Master’ may be a simple word for a commoner’s mind and his understanding. But ‘Master’ is identified as Brahmam, the universal Soul. So He is Brahmam, incarnate. Silence is more powerful than noise. He silently spread his New Dispensation among spirituals. It spread far and wide in a decade’s time. This new discovery has become a guiding star to the spiritual path – finders and aspirants. That is why, we say he differed from others in all respects.

It is not fair on our part to bracket any Mahatma by religion, sect, language and country. He belongs to humanity at large. Master C.V.V. shunned all kinds of publicity for the spread of this Yoga – Culture. A spiritual work needs no materialistic propaganda. Yet we are in the age of publicity. Of late, one’s greatness is a measure on the volume of publicity made.

Master C.V.V too had leaded a most common life, like other fellow-beings. He too had sorrows and worries, hardships and whirlwinds in life. He had his education in schools and tutored under common teachers, got married traditionally, had children and so on. Those common things do not find place, when we deal with spiritual life history.

At the age of forty, He found Himself and discovered that he was no other than Brahmam, the Supreme Master of all creation. He re-discovered that he was born in this world for a set – purpose. So He invented this New Yoga, the most scientific of all. I use the word ‘scientific’ because it stands for tests like other sciences. Of course, it is a spiritual science.

Like any other scientific invention, this Yoga too comes to usefulness of one and all, of course, one must have a mind to use it. This Yoga prepares every man and woman to Life Divine. It will certainly lead all to Realisation and to the stage of permanency. Like a true scientist, Master C.V.V. conducted many experiments on his medium and on himself. He practiced vigorously for its perfection, simultaneously conducting experiments on his own wife and other mediums for a period of twelve years. He even transported his mediums in their astral bodies, to other planets, planes and worlds and acquired first hand information about them. This kind of Trance experience, bringing to the conscious level is almost impossible in other Yogas. All those wonderful experiences will be at the conscience level of the mediums unlike other yogis in Samadhi, they do not forget them. And moreover every part of those experiences will have its impact on gross level too.

Irrespective of race, religion, creed or color, every man and woman can practice this Yoga and experience this wonderful Psychological, Astral and Spiritual phenomena. Master C.V.V. presents before the Sadhaka, in his divine Form and let him enjoy the Bliss by His grace. When the Master’s Grace is with a Sadhaka, he experiences a wonderful thrill, a sort of sensation in the body during meditation. He sees ‘Hiranya Jyothi’ a Golden light, he even sees different colors before his closed eyes and almost all experience, automatic and autonomous ‘Namaskaram’ during meditation. Some Sadhakas could hear ‘Anahat’ sounds. Even the Astral bodies of the mediums to higher levels and travel in different planes Experiences are quite natural to the mediums and many more in years of practice.

Master aimed at ‘Siddhi’ – i.e., Perfection and Attainment – a simultaneous achievement - a state of no births and deaths. That means, man gets total relief from karmas. So, this has become Taraka Raja Yoga. Both men and women are qualified to practice this Yoga. One need not become a saint or Sanyasi. He should not discard this world or its material benefits. Worldly pleasure do not stand in the way to attain salvation, Religion has nothing to do with Yoga. So, any one belonging to any religion can safely practice it. But a Sadhaka is strongly advised not to recite any other ‘mantras’ containing Beejaksharas except those of Gayatri and stop all religious rituals containing them.

Master C.V.V. had introduced some rules to discipline the minds of the mediums of course, they are necessary too for the beginners. He practiced it for twelve years, being present in the physical body. Later on, he departed from physical and became omni – present.

It went on kindling in the hearts of the mediums from the first initiation of the Master in 1910. It prepared silently thousand of mediums till now. We believe, that this Master Yoga has passed all the tests by the Master himself. It is perfect and second to none; it is up to the people to practice it for the realization of Truth.

Men and women of any religion can practice this Yoga. But one should not be dogmatic about any religion. He should rise above all such beliefs. Master advised the Yoga practitioners not to practice any Bijaksharas other than those of Gayatri. The fusion of these two opposite and incompatible forces would launch the mediums in calamities.

Everybody can practice this Yoga independently in order to attain Independency. There is no Guru and no Sishyas as the yoga equalize them in course of time. This age the Master discarded old tradition, like many others. Every one is independent and by his will and culture can enjoy the Grace of the Almighty. Sri C.V.V. called himself Master, not a Guru. He named his followers ‘Mediums’ not ‘Sishyas’.

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