Taking Refuge in Consciousness - The Place You Love the Most

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"You should strive to be happy.
Make yourself a happy life as best as you can.

But it is inevitable that sometimes you won’t.
And those times are incredibly important.

Because those are the times you really
will look within yourself.

If you are happy, there is no reason to really look within.
No one wants to wake up from a good dream.

But when things happen that upset you,
when things get taken away from you
or just don't go your way,
those are the times you are pushed
into consciousness in a way
you might not have been pushed before.

If you allow it. If you don’t choose the easy path
of staying in your thinking and justifying yourself
or numbing yourself with drugs, food or distractions;

If you really see there is no way out
of what you are feeling and allow it,
your attention will naturally turn back
upon itself; into consciousness.

Your attention will move beyond thinking
into what is really here in this moment.
What is at the essence of this moment.
You will seek peace.

And what you will discover is that consciousness
is free of unhappiness.

No matter what your mind maybe going through,
there is a level of awareness that is pure joy,
that is pure peace.

Not an emotional happiness,
but something that is transcendent of emotion.

Something that is infinite, formless
and that keeps expanding.

Then you start to take refuge in consciousness.
Regardless of your mood, you will be drawn into peace.

Because that is your home.
That will be the place you love the most.

Much Love,


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