Sympathy - the true spirituality

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Sympathy by Rare Birds - Live

Now when you climb
into your bed tonight,
and when you lock and bolt the door,
just think of those
out in the cold and dark,
cause there's not enough love to go round.

Spirituality is not the understanding of how reality functions, as many gurus will tell you, but the understanding that in this very moment there are millions on this very planet that suffer terribly beyond any imaginable pain threshold.

Spirituality is not the seeking inside as many teachers will tell you, but the seeking of love outside for those who are less lucky than you.

Spirituality is not the cessation of fear of others as many masters will tell you, but the cessation of hatred towards those who trigger the fear in you.

Until you realize this, your spirituality will remain a yet another sophisticated coverup for your old narcism, nothing more. And deep down you know this.

And sympathy is what we need my friend,
and sympathy is what we need.
And sympathy is what we need my friend,
cause there's not enough love to go round.

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This enlightened distinction is so important!

Because this is one of the most terrible mistakes we, spiritual and religious people, commit unnoticeably.

The path is so tricky, atrociously tricky.

And those who do not label themselves as spiritual or religious people - there are so many among them who are spiritual more than us, without knowing.

angel76 | Wed, 02/24/2010 - 20:58
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Don't agree

i don't agree to the original post for

1. The aim of spirituality is to transcend the ego and works of charity & sympathy done for its own sake strengthens ones ego. (holier than thou)

2. A person who has gone beyond his ego can actually help others by "saving their souls" and not the body alone.

3. Compassion is different from sympathy. One cannot cultivate compassion or for that matter any virtue. Cultivation of humility may be the garb of ego ma-squandering itself as humility.

joejo | Thu, 02/25/2010 - 01:43