“Swarved”- Zenith of Spirituality

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The most exalted and revered Himalayan Yogi His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj wrote several treatises during 17 long years of most arduous meditational practice in the Himalayan Region as well as other renowned vicinities of India. The most unique and sacred of the books which Sadgurudeo authored – that bares the entire secret of the cosmos – is the “Swarveda". This entire treatise was conceived, visualized and expressed in simple yet highly codified words in a metaphysical state of Chetan Samadhi and without taking recourse to any holy scripture.
This treatise happens to be the only one of its kind in the whole world in that it not only reveals the metaphysical science of consciousness but also extrapolates upon the spiritual experiences which one can encounter by performing Vihangam Yoga under the guidance of Sadguru; and ultimately experience the presence of the Almighty God, the Universal Soul. The first Parampara Sadguru, Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj, composed a detailed commentary of the 3137 codified verses in the Swarveda, allowing the underlying messages of the verses to be brought to the surface and allow one to gain an optimal grasp on the real import of these verses. Even today, when a yoga practitioner chants the rhymes of Swarved, he experiences deep vibrations inside, and it thus acts as an optimal tool for one to advance their consciousness to greater levels and different planes.
Some of the topics that are covered in detail in Swarved are the Mind, the Soul, the Prana (Breath), the Sadguru, the Supreme Soul or God, the Kala (Time), the Sushmana and the Kundalini, the material and metaphysical worlds, stages of meditation, divine reverberating words (Niranjan, OM, Soham, Shakti, Rarankar), Birth and Death, Salvation and the list is virtually endless.

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Vihangam Yoga necessity

The basis of Yog is spiritual, the base is the soul. It is a divine science and not an invention of a scientist or scholar, and hence it's benefits are also divine. Although there are numerous physical and mental benefits that would be realized in this journey of Yog we need to be aware of the ultimate destination of this journey, else we would be caught in the ignorance that the mere positive physical side effects is this destination and loose the opportunity to gain the real benefits of Yog. The science of Vihangam Yog targets the ultimate goal; it teaches simple meditation techniques combined with physical and breathing exercises that have many physical benefits along with other divine experiences that keep you aware of our true goal in
the journey of Yog!

Vihangam Yoga- A way to Enlightenment & Ultimate Realization to God.
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