Swallow your mental pains like a mean yellow pacman

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Swallow your mental pains like a mean yellow pacman.

It hurts only when it is outside, rejected entry.

When you accept the pain, when you surrender to it, when you release resistance, when you do not try to suppress it anymore, when you are willing to contain it, when you let it enter your aura, when you let it enter your body, when you open the area of your heart and let it enter, when you swallow the pain, it is no more as an object.

It is part of you now. And surprisingly, this way it does not inflict pain anymore nor fear of that pain.

This is not a literal metaphor. Open up physically and mentally and let the knocking pain actually enter. Do not be afraid. You are not vulnerable. It may seem like a radical approach because it is completely against your instincts and against what you were taught to do but when you try it you will see that it works. The pain includes also the antidote and when you swallow it, not the pain but the antidote gets activated.

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Letting pains enter the aura

It indeed has a physical aspect which is important to stress because it helps in processing these pains.

When you block your aura to painful energies which are already in, they are "pressed" to the periphery of your aura and this way causing more suffering. You can see this if you are able to see the aura or by using an aura camera.

The way is to open, let them detach from the envelope of the aura and then let them go and only then block, if you wish, the aura against future energies of that sort.

This process should of course accompany the corresponding mental one in which you actually feel the involved pains and accept them.

mariposa | Wed, 12/02/2009 - 08:00