Swadharma our Unique Nature

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Nature or nurture may be a recent debate but it was all settled long back. Ancients devised a wonderful symbology to point out with telling effect the human predicament. We are supposed to be born with an essence which Bhagwad Gita calls swadharma or ones own nature. Parental influence and as we go along the societal which includes our kith and kin, friends, people we admire and various customs and norms interact with our essence and build our personality or our public face and overt desires and endeavours.
Our forefathers were close to nature and had an unobstructed and clear view of the havens or the night sky where they could view in full majesty the stars and other celestial bodies. They formulated a four fold schemata of the world and related it to the individual. At the innermost level an individual was shaped by influence of (in the cosmic sense) nakshatras or constellations. This was very close to something universal and could be called soul or innermost self. The essence or core of our being called essence which determined our Swadharma or unique nature came from Sun. This was influenced by Zodiac which were responsible for each having an affinity to the archetypal types numbering 12. These 12 types were shaped by planetary influences to form our essence and therefore the variations between each type. Being true to thy own self meant not doing anything which went against this essence.
However, there was an influence from moon which was responsible for shaping our personality (the influences from parents and society). All endeavours were an attempt to go beyond these influences which were not part of ones own essence (nature). The struggle with these foreign influences helped the essence to develop and mature as a unique human being. Merely to fall a prey to influences is to lead a second hand life.