Surrendering into What Is

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"Throughout the day
there are all sorts of little pains
that come up.

Things that don't go
the way we think they should,
certain memories may arise
that affect us,
fear of being in new situations.

All of these things may hurt a little.
Not a physical hurt like a bruise
but an inner bruise.
It is the ego that gets bruised.

And so we all have found ways
around experiencing these
inner bruises
through alcohol, drugs, sugar, junk food,
distractions like television and social media.
These are just a few ways
we manage to numb ourselves
from all these little hurts.

And then we have the mental ways
we avoid feeling these hurts:
blaming them on something or someone,
trying to justify them, trying to analyze them,
placing some positive self-help saying on top of them.

But if we let go of all of these habits,
distractions and mental manipulations
then we become vulnerable
to everything that arises.

We are faced with
experiencing life as it is.

And very quickly in this
we learn awareness.
By allowing the hurts
and surrendering to what is,
that sense of ego and separation

Just by being fully present
with all the happenings in the day,
little by little
the limiting confines
of what we think we are
get broken down
and we begin to feel
our true nature of peace.

We begin to feel
the pure awareness
that we are
in this moment.

Much love,


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Knowledge Exposes...

Beautifully put, Kip.

Being aware of our hurts, not running away from them...acknowledging and accepting..." We are faced with
experiencing life as it is." And that's all, it's all about..!!

An excerpt from an old blog.." Knowledge exposes"...

The moment the light of knowledge or consciousness , falls upon the FEAR and the NEED to overcome it….it has served its purpose.
Seen for what it is, the 1st instinct is to beat it into submission, or change it, or overcome it, or manipulate it.
So that it somehow looks like something else, anything else, except what it is…!!!
Total resistance, complete non-acceptance.

I pause.

Standing exposed.

No defence.

All I’m left with is a deep, deep, complete acceptance of my human-ness.


MAI | Wed, 06/19/2013 - 03:39
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Thank you

Thank you Mai! Much love to you

blissmusic | Wed, 06/26/2013 - 02:23
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Letting Go. Just Allowing what is to happen and take place.

I am surrendering into what is, after reading this. Thanks!

modestowl9 | Thu, 06/20/2013 - 00:52
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Thank you Modestowl9

Thank you Modestowl9! Much love to you

blissmusic | Wed, 06/26/2013 - 02:23