Surrendering into Freedom

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"It is important
to start with practices
and teachings.

You follow a path,
you follow Advaita
Zen, Bhakti Yoga, Shakti
or any other valid
path to enlightenment.

And you do take on
certain beliefs
knowingly or unknowingly
and by being true
to those beliefs and practices,
there is a deepening, even realizations.

This process usually has to happen.

But if you are blessed,
at some point or better
at many many points,
something will happen
that will knock you off your feet.

You are going along in
a blissful state,
all the beliefs and practices
are in place to support that
and then something happens
in your life that pulls the
rug out from underneath you.

And suddenly all of those
beliefs and understandings
about yourself and about spirituality
that have been held perfectly in place
have all tumbled down.

And in that
there are no more beliefs to hold on to;
all understandings have been nullified.

And if you are able to surrender in this,
then it is here that your heart
breaks open to silence;

like a crab that has outgrown its shell.

You become vulnerable to silence,
to the absence of understanding,
to the absence of security,
to the absence of knowing who you are.

And in this there is freedom.

What good is it to realize the Self
and then be bound by the idea of the Self?

What good is it to be dependent
on having a certain experience,
attainment or understanding?

When it all crumbles
then all that is left
is pure open vulnerability.

It is not that you feel this
and then you move on,
but rather you learn to remain as this
even while continuing your practices.

Then you live in love;
that love that resides in surrender.

And your life is lead by grace.

Not an idea of grace.
But that which cannot be known
and that is that.

Much love,


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MAI | Wed, 10/10/2012 - 02:41
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Thank you

Thank you, Mai,

Much love,


blissmusic | Wed, 10/17/2012 - 01:16