In Surrender There is Peace

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"In order to enter
witness consciousness,
you have to come to a point
of complete surrender to what is.

That means you stop
trying to change anything;
you stop trying to attain anything
in this moment.

You give up the constant urge
to move forward
and experience what is truly here.

This is more difficult than it sounds.
Because the ego lives to improve,
to attain, to succeed,
to seek and distract oneself
from this moment.

So if you want to be free of the ego,
the opposite is needed.

As an ego
you have been fighting
the present moment
for however many years
and now I am telling you
to lose the fight.
To give up the fight.

To surrender
to what is in this moment.

Because what happens
if you stop fighting?

What happens
when you lay down your weapons,
you give up all of the ways
you have devised to protect yourself
from this moment?

What happens when you give up
trying to control what is here?

What happens is
all conflict ceases,
all stress ceases.

And all that is left is peace.

Not you feeling peaceful,
but peace as totality.
Limitless peace.
Every atom of existence
vibrating as peace.

Then from there
you can be aware
of what is here.

You can witness life happening
rather than believing
the weight of the world
is on your shoulders.

You experience a greater power
moving everything,
a greater meaning to existence.

Surrender requires
your complete attention.

You don't let go once
and then see what happens.

You let go in every moment.
You remain resting in surrender.

Try to witness this moment
while trying to change it,
control it or attain something,
and you will miss it.

It is in surrender there is peace.

Because you will find
the only thing you are ever fighting
is yourself.



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