In Surrender There is Awareness

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"Everyone has situations
in their life where they say
'It's impossible to be present
in this situation.'

But impossibility
only exists in your thinking.
You are only holding on
to a certain judgment about how it should be;
holding on to a certain idea of yourself
and refusing to budge from your position.

It is just about surrender.
Surrendering the ego,
surrendering your position.
In surrender, there is awareness.

It does not matter what emotions
or thoughts are there,
or what the situation is.

You exist completely transcendent
of the situation,
beyond body, beyond mind
as consciousness itself, as peace itself.

Consciousness is always here,
peace is always here.
It is what everything is made of.

If you are always thinking
'first I need to change this situation,
then I can be present'
or 'first I need to change myself
before I can be present'
then you cheat yourself out
of your own freedom.

Because that time when everything
is perfect is never going to come.
If it does come, it will not be permanent.

But what is permanent is this conscious peace
that you are, that everything is.
This is what must be realized.

At the same time,
it is important to create a lifestyle
filled with meditation, spiritual practice,
eating healthy, immersion in Shakti
so when challenging situations do arise,
awareness is already there.

Or even if you do lose awareness
or your sense of peace,
you can easily bring yourself back into balance
because there is already that commitment to peace
that you have been nurturing
and growing over a period of time.

That commitment to peace
on a daily basis is most important
to realizing your essence.

If the ocean surface is full of turbulence,
you cannot see what is beneath it.

Much love,


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