Surrender active or passive

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Surrender is an important aspect of the path of devotion. Many aspirants with intellectual bent of mind may feel that the path of devotion requires that we should have blind faith and have to follow the approach of organised religion.

Ramana Maharshi has clearly stated that Surrender and Inquiry were the two approaches to the divine. He felt that both were valid and lead to the same goal.

Surrender is known as the relinquishment of ego and trust in divine. The statement may be simple enough but the understanding of it and the approach to it is an open question. Can there be an active surrender or all of it has to be passive in meekly accepting the Will of God in hot & cold, pleasure & pain and honour & dis honour. Thy will be done is the common refrain of such an attitude. Is it a fatalist approach or a result of complete trust?

Ramakrishna a great devotee of Kali (mother Goddess) gave the example of kitten and monkey to symbolise the two kinds of devotion. While the Kittens left it to their mother to carry them from one place to another, the baby monkey cling to their mother. He said that true devotion matured to complete surrender & then the divine takes care of all the problem of the devotee.