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Surrender is an interesting technical key word. It is an appropriate word but has been substituted with acceptance or for that matter passive awareness which could be equated with the quality of Sattva, white or luminous receptivity shining as awareness or knowledge.

Receptivity is the key to correct knowledge but this comes through an attitude of total surrender to the moment. If one is trying to resist or adjust or justify (explanation we give ourselves to make an unpleasant event palatable) as the word acceptance may convey (which it is not) one cannot be in the moment.

Yet surrender is not possible in a state of sleep either. This state of sleep is given the name Tamas which means a spiritual blindness and inertia which wants to cling to status quo and therefore sees in things opposite of what they actually are. State of restless activity or Rajas does not allow for surrender either for a person is equipped with readymade responses (learned) to any given situation and understanding things as they are is not a priority.

Discounting the two states in the previous paragraph (Tamas & Rajas) leaves us in a state of Sattva or passive receptivity which has more to do with being aware of the moment rather than act on it or avoid it. This in my opinion is a state of Surrender so very essential to see things as they a