superman yoga initiation part -1

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lie down flat in superman position or

first take oath:
"in the name of great rishi angirasa the first superman i take oath to uphold righteousness and moral order everywhere in my little means"

stage 2:
if u have uranus mount in palm with life line touching it u r most likely a kryptonian and can tap superman powers...

and will be able to fully receive powers then others.

initiation or first stage

"after oath live in full night if u r healthy enough standing cold night breece and do breathing deep touching ur muladhara .... as u do slow deep breathing u r empowered to superman yoga of divinity...."

for non kryptonians mass doing is good...

for kryptonians who receive power in great number silent yoga is jesus said...
"pray silently in closed doors as ur father who sees u in secret shall reward u openly..."


secret reveled that u may do good to humanity in general

and most important in right earnestness Superman yoga can do no evil to society....