The Subjects of My Heart~

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I think my Greatest Gift,is having the ability,to see Past,teachings that seperate People.I have somehow been able to Really see so much beauty,greatness,and Power in So many Teachings,Philosophies,and Disciplines.I refuse to say-im only a Buddhist,or Christ is ALL i need,etc.No i shall cross Boundaries n intake many forms of Knowledge and i shall experience many forms of Joy.I have done The Landmark Forum,was a NSA Buddhist who Chanted Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo,many hours a day for over 7 years.I then got rather interested in Zen Buddhism,followed by Tai Chi, Kabbalah n i now spend most of my time doing Kundalini Chanting ,and studying Hawaian Kahuna Ancient Wisdom,as well as nutrition,anatomyand several other subjects i enjoy learening n passing on to my students.I hope this gives everyone a good idea of My Range of Expertise in which i hope to share with My Disciples. Shalom~