Subject and Object

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Subject and Object are not same. Subject is the implied meaning of the word I and object is what is observed. Yet there is a relation between the two. Now any related thing cannot be different. Good if related to bad is not different as in a number line negative integers are not different in kind from positive integers. This leaves us with a question as to what is the difference between Subject and Object.

One of the examples to show that Subject and Object are the same is that of a dream. In a dream both Subject and Object are the product of dream. Yet are the Subject and Object same in dream? In dream too we find a Subject an Object and an interpretation going on. Is the seen dream Object primary and dream Subject is a product of it along with the interpretation or is the Subject an independent entity which comes up now and then and interprets the dream.

We could examine the waking experience too and find something on the same lines. We could go into the difference between waking and dream experience too and note the findings. Tradition has taken the symbol of Sun and the Moon to show the difference between the two luminous bodies.

The difference between Subject and the Object could be that between Sun and the Moon which is a huge difference though both are luminous.