Stripped of Words and Left Powerless

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What's the point of giving up concepts such as "God", "spirit", "soul" etc, if you're going to exchange them for Sanskrit concepts such as "Brahman", "Atma", "Paramatman" - in other words adopt more concepts in a foreign language?

When we started Skyping with Maharaj Ramakant, we told him that we had read many spiritual books and dropped a few Sanskrit words in to prove this. Maharaj was unimpressed. Every Sanskrit word or term we put forward, he dismissed outright. We learned quickly to stop referring to ourselves as "jivas" who were looking for "moksha" - not that we did that very often.

Moving on, we shared our understandings of the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj. Again, he took another swipe, calling our knowledge book knowledge or ego knowledge - in other words, it was not real knowledge, pretty useless, in fact.

How did we feel? Smaller and smaller and more cautious about opening our mouths again. Next session, I thought, this time I'll say the right thing and it will go down well, satisfy Maharaj. I began "I'm stronger and happier since we last spoke!". His disgruntled reply was "body mind!" and he ignored me. Then there followed silence and more silence. The kindly Master had turned into an ogre

The dilemma we faced was what to say when you can't say anything, when no words are relevant? Fear started creeping in on the day before the Tuesday session. The ego wasn't enjoying being hammered repeatedly. There was even a sense of dread. But we knew that bitter medicine was good for us, so we persevered. In other words it was tough to swallow.

Gradually, less 'non-sense' was spoken by us, fewer concepts arose. Instead, a deepening of silence filled the space and a palpable silence was shared - oneness experienced.

We realized that silence is the answer to all questions.