Strength of the Soul

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Strength of the Soul
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

The soul is the weakest form of energy in this creation. The nervous system can be easily burnt by even little heat (fire). The awareness is flowing in such tender nerves and is therefore weaker than even a little bit fire. Such weakest form of energy (soul) is imagining itself to be the strongest energy (Brahman; assuming that Brahman is understood as strongest energy), which controls even the Sun as per the Veda. Fire, which can burn the nerves very easily, could not burn even a dry grass blade when God did not wish! In that case, I am unable to understand how this weakest soul can do anything without the grace of God!

When the soul becomes absolute zero by this knowledge, it will completely surrender to God and then it can be uplifted to the state of God (Hanuman) or even to the state of master of God (Radha). Such complete surrender to God is stressed by the Gita (Tameva Saranam Gachcha…). You can reach the highest state of Advaita (becoming God) in all aspects like controlling world (state of Ishwara) through the path of complete surrender to God. You can even cross Advaita by becoming the Master of God through this path.