the story of the floodlight and the flashlights

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I have heard from seekers of the past that we are part of god. That everything that makes up god is inside of us, but on a much smaller scale. I believe this with all of me to be true. I belive that in order for the all mighty all and everything to experiance something different and evole in different ways something different had to be created.


The physical realm.

With a physical world and a physical body god is able to experiance something unobtainable in other realms. Over billions of years a plan very similar to a game of chess has been executed. With the right moves at the right times to create a perticular outcome.

The chance to experiance something different and evolve in ways that were not possible without this world and without us.

Now if you choose to believe that you are part of god, and that the great flood light broke itself into billions of little flashlights imagine the possibilities if we brought all the points of light back together in the physical world, with the right intentions.

I believe this is the next step in our growth spiritually. i also believe this to be the next step in that perfectly strategized plan.

We have some major mountains to climb and it will take time but eventually, everything that divides us like religion and government will start to break down and change through the power of love, and the desire for the true understanding of something much bigger then material gradification.

we must start thinking of our scensual and material desires as important but secoundary to the primary goal.

A world of light and love created by god through people.

I can see this world in my mind and heart when i am meditating. i dont know if this is just me manifesting or if i am being given a vision, but what i do know is this vision is amazing and it is filled with everyones wishes to end all suffering in the world and have there hearts full of love, rather that frustration, sadness and discust.

i am calling upon all who will listen to look within and decide if what i speak of sounds good or not and figure out anything and everything you are willing to do to help push us closer to a existance we can be proud of. If you believe that we are all part of god, and you love god with all your heart, that lets make sure god dosen't starve, or die from not having clean water to drink.

One person has the power to make things right. if you want to believe in god, believe in the power inside of you, And believe in the superpower of god united.

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Beautiful post!
I admire your collective wisdom!
GOD within you is clearly visible!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

bonya basu | Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:23