A story

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There once lived a man, who had half grown up. He was young and he was old.
He knew he was a saint, he knew all men were originally saints.
So he set out trying to find a teacher.
He looked as best he could, but found no saint to talk with.
He learned that Master's only take pupils who are empty and uncorrupt. This gave him great sorrow and a feeling of injustice, as he was aware that he was not empty and was corrupt. So what hope for liberation did he have ?.
none in this life according to Master's.
The man refused this, although he understood the principle that the Master's adhere too he knew it was choice not truth.
Why else would you be in this life unless you had the potentional for liberation ? the man spoke to himself.
Even if your karma is great, you have still been born into this life. You can still achieve realization no matter who you are. It is an efficient use of energy to allow the realization of any being to be within their reach, throughout their whole life. You would not be here otherwise if you didn't have the potentional.
The idea that a person had too be pure to be enlightened
was right, but all have the chance to be pure and enlightened in this life. Too teach only ideal students, is a master's choice.
You need no requirement to realize god, despite karma, despite corruption, realization is always reachable in your existence. It is up too you and no one else.