Still One?

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Still One?©

Split seconds of time

For a while I thought you were mine

A blink of an eye, a wave of hand

Like magic, it disappeared into the sand

Erased from memory’s storage banks

What was there is now filled with blanks

Yet deep inside something is churning

Bring to surface a deeper yearning

From whence it came, I haven’t got a clue

It sometimes makes me happy, sometimes blue

Vacillation, undulation, overtake me anew

Whenever I get close to thinking of you

So distant it seems

Like echoes of dreams

Fading faster and faster, I shutter

But…I still love you, I utter

In this haze and darkness, from the crevices of my mind

I can barely recall something Divinely signed

Something of Oneness, Unity and Cosmic inclusion

I try to shake this stupor, this drunken illusion

But sleep still fills my eyes

As I try not to compromise

Who I think I have become...

Am I or am I not still One?

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The picture is the "Still One" looks on.

Only laugh with joy to read "Am I or am I not"...?

Like Shakespeare's "To be or not to be"

While the "Still One" looks at each one of us doing nothing.

Truly, there is no place where divinity does not exist.

Jai K Garg | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 13:52
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divinity is boundless..infinitely flowing in all that is.

Sometimes, we forget to see with more than our senses, and this makes us forget who we actually are as we get caught up in the microcosm of our earthly existence...

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Mon, 09/14/2009 - 08:11