The States of Witness Consciousness in Meditation

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"What your mind tells you
about what is here
and what is really here
beyond mental perception
are two completely different things.

Thinking usually happens
at such a speed
that the reality you experience
is not questioned.

And what is the mind doing?

It is defining, describing and judging
and justifying those definitions,
descriptions and judgments.

It is constantly
creating and reinforcing
a sense of "me"
that is separate from everything else
and thus there is conflict.

But if you take a step back
and observe thinking,
observe the process of
thoughts arising,
then this whole mind perception
begins to fall apart.

At first,
the idea of the thinker
will disappear
and you will see thoughts
are arising by themselves.

From here,
all judgmental thoughts
will stop arising.

As you go deeper,
all personal thoughts of "me"
and everything in relation to this
personal "me" disappears
and there is an incredible sense of freedom.

Then you enter dream states,
visions, esoteric and subtle thinking
that cannot be comprehended
by the intellectual mind.

And beyond this is
mental noise.

And beyond that mental noise
is silence,
a sense of nothingness,
pure consciousness.

The beauty of it is,
the moment you begin
observing the thinking
instead of identifying with thoughts,
that sense of stress and conflict
considerably dissipates
and there is incredible peace.

And with each level of
witnessing you sink into,
you let go of another
subtler sense of self and
this peace and bliss increases.

Judgments stop,
the bliss increases,
the personal sense of "me"
as you know yourself to be
disappears and
the bliss increases.

You keep moving closer
and closer to the essence
of what is really here,
to pure peace, pure consciousness
and you become
more and more free.

It starts with observation,
with witnessing,
but then what happens
cannot be explained,
you feel your way into it,
you let yourself go into it.

Kind of like when you
go to sleep at night.

You lie down and relax
and then you let yourself
go into sleep.

You don't really know
intellectually how it happens,
because it happens
beyond the perception
of mind.



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