Is standard, secure and healthy life a good life?

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"Early to rise, early to bed, and be healthy, wealthy and dead."

This is a remarkable proverb.

My understanding of this proverb is that if you standardize your life too much, allow only strict rules and routine, do not take risks - then you may be healthy and wealthy and everything will go fine BUT there will nothing happen in your life, no surprises, no excitement, no explosions - it will be like death when you are still alive.

My friend has recently surprised me with another interpretation - a positive one: Conduct a healthy and orgenized life and you will die while still alive in the good sense - you will lose your identity and self.

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Order is necessary

Order is very necessary for sane and healthy living. Actions in neurosis are an attempt to (re)establish the lost order though in a wrong way.

The problem therefore is the limited capacity of our rational mind (thoughts) to establish such an order in a complex environment. Thinking mind cannot cope with the multitude of stimulus that reach us in normal waking consciousness. Remember dreams play a very important role in trying to establish order by deeper layers of mind.

The bigger question is how can we stop this chatter of our semi confused thinking mind which does not realise its limitation for that deeper observation (to take place) which brings about insight and action resulting from it which resolves the contradiction or challenge and thereby spontaneously creates order.

joejo | Thu, 07/28/2011 - 14:33
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The familiarity principle

Normal standard life means maximizing familiarity.

The ego and sense of "I" are actually a reflection of things familiar around (this is why the sense of "I" vanishes temporarily when you travel to a new place, as Gordjieff pointed out).

This is another supporting reason why not surrender to the mind's urge to stick to the familiar standard and secure environment.

neo | Tue, 08/02/2011 - 00:43
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Be Natural.....

Be "NATURAL"...which is your true identity.Restricting yourself with certain standardise limiting your true self to grow.

Natural character of a person has its own exitement, mysticism and wonders....which is very necessary for its natural ryhthmic growth.

bonya basu | Thu, 08/04/2011 - 17:25