Stand By Me

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Oh darlin'

The emptiness of it all
Is like a punch in the stomach
Can be devastating as hell

And a strange melancholy
Strums the strings
Of the heart guitar

Knowing you're all alone
And then
Not even that

A quiet tune
Lilting up the dance floor

So colour me in rainbow hues
Pinks and blues

And awakening
In the dream
To the dream
As the dream
Is the dream as well

A holographic

Dancing in the wind

Songs get sung
And life sings back

And there's no telling an echo
From voices
Bouncing of each other

A few decades ago
Sitting quietly
A "why me?" arose

In the face of so much beauty and love that was flooding my being

It made me weep with the sheer joy of it
So undeserved did it feel

At a time when Murphy's law
Was in full swing

So entrenched in the wrong and right of it

"Why not?"
Came the prompt answer to it from within

And then I laughed and laughed my guts out
At the ludicrousness of it
In utter relief
And wept

That question has never raised it's head again
In good times
Nor in bad

There's no rightness or wrongness of this
Whatever this looks like

The "me"...
A dancing dervish

In all its aliveness
One moment

And vanishing
The next

And the "why's "...

Slunk away

Into these scintillating

Many don't know what to say or do
Even silence can feel uncomfortable

And a knowing that nothing
Will change a thing

In the face of pain
Or even death
As it stares down from all around

From which none of us are exempt

An uncontrived spontaneous compassion arises

With no agenda

And no desire to fix or run away or manipulate

Stepping lightly
Into footless dream shoes

A gentle tippy toe

Standing by
Wide open heart
Wide open arms

Knowing we can never touch

As worlds begins to unravel and fall apart

It's perfectly fine to hug
And laugh and cry
When crying happens

It's almost like giving oneself permission
To be okay
With not being okay

Searing burning
Through the ravaging
As it tears you to shreds

As it falls through

And when even the falling is falling

There arises an evenness of mind
As the heart plummets through itself

And oh a huge relief that ensues
Physical, mental and psychological

It felt just right

A bliss that no definition can contain

Wanting nothing

Warm fires of home




Knowing there's no one there

And yet

Here we are

In this dream