stand in awe

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Hi just a simple note today and quote really from one of my favourite artist. hawksley workman goes like this...."one certainty of of living is that we are going to dye so why not stand in awe of it instead of asking why".
so lovely it gets me by most days
peace and love always

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Dear, the asking of why is

Dear, the asking of why is actually an intellectualization that hides the deep rooted fear of death.

What you suggest is a rationalization that one that has this inborn fear cannot use in order to chase away this fear (i.e. the asking of why).

Some have this fear stronger and some not and it is not in their control to decide it.

The way to cope with this fear is not to stand in awe but to observe and accept this fear and then it might stay or go away but in any case will lose its control over the person.

mika | Sun, 09/09/2012 - 19:58