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Beware of all kind self proclaimed Sadgurus,speaking of self realization,i have attended lot of Sri vidya shivirs,some people give on line srividya also by sending printed material through e-mails,without knowing the capability of sadhaks,wether he is aware of correct mantra uccharan?wether he has got knowledge of chakras in body,what is the role of kundlini,but they j…ust charge the money in advance ,without monitoring the progress of sadhak’s sadhna. one of the Guru gives the phone number in the different name saying he is my personel assistant,you can tell your problems to him,but to my utter shock he himself attends the phones,saying every time, I will convey your message to GURU JEE,for the sake of earning money why they come down to such a level.

I have seen Gurus holding srividya sadhna shivirs of 3000 to 4000 peoples taking minimum charges of Rs 15000/ each.without food & accommodation,it comes around crorer’s of rupees each shivir &their is no communication system.i want to convey this message to all the Gurus ,those are on well decorated websites can not be treated as SADGURUS ,They are just tution techers against which you have paid the fees,in near future I will also start srividya diksha,as a teacher not as a Sadguru or Selfrealised soul.Also I will make a system that,before giving the srividya mantra the deciples must go through the pran kriyas,mantra recitation through NABHI ,what are the chakras,what is the role chakras,nadi sodhan,how to take cosmic energy in your palms,recitation of gaytri mantra.

Also creating a email for sharing their difficulties in sadhna, giving solution within 24hrs.