Sri Swami Sai Premananda's Message to the World

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Sri Swamiji’s Message to the World
By Sri Swami Sai Premananda (May 4th, 2007)

Dear world, listen to me please! Don’t be afraid to love.

When you love, you fill yourself with that very same love. There is nothing in this world that is not you, you, your very self. What you do to another thing in the world, be it a rock, plant, animal, or a person, every act of love comes back to you in the fullness as it was given.

Give yourselves the greatest gift of all… love. In love you are healed, in love you are prosperous, in love you are gracious, in love you are blessed, in love you are in the Kingdom of God in all that is His. Is this not where you want to be, in a place of boundless happiness, peace and joy?

So come on, love, love, and love some more. All things will disappear.

Give your love and kindness away. Do not hold it back from yourself. See past the illusion that it is anything else but your very self that exists in the entire universe. Smile when you are afraid to smile, embrace others with a welcome hug. Embrace the world by living fully and being the best you can be at all times. Do not be afraid to live your life fully as your heart demands you to. Don’t hold back in your daily expression of who you are. That is love too. When you are the best expression of your heart, you are loving the world.

So love through your actions, love through your thoughts and most importantly, love through the beliefs that there is anyone else in the world other than your very self.