Sri Ramana Maharishi on Samadhi

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Sri Ramana Maharshi puts it in the following way:

(1) Holding on to Reality is samadhi.
(2) Holding on to Reality with effort is savikalpa samadhi.
(3) Merging in Reality and remaining unaware of the world is nirvikalpa samadhi.
(4) Merging in Ignorance and remaining unaware of the world is sleep.
(5) Remaining in the primal, pure natural state without effort is sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi.

He further explains what He means by the difference between (3) and (5) in another talk:

"Even if one is immersed in nirvikalpa samadhi for years together, when he emerges from it he will find himself in the environment which he is bound to have. That is the reason for the Acharya emphasising sahaja samadhi in preference to nirvikalpa samadhi in his excellent work Viveka Chudamani. One should be in spontaneous samadhi - that is, in one's pristine state - in the midst of every environment."

and again, Sri Ramana explains both (3) and (5) as nirvikalpa samadhi, but the sahaja type alone is permanent....

- In sleep the mind is alive but merged in oblivion (see (4) above).
- In kevala nirvikalpa samadhi, the mind is alive but merged in light, like a bucket with rope lowered into a well, that can be drawn out again.
- In sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi, the mind is dead , resolved into the Self, like a river discharged into the ocean - its identity lost - and which can never be re-directed from the ocean, once discharged into it.

A similar explanation, wherein Sri Bhagavan says:-

(1) Meditation should remain unbroken as a current. If unbroken it is called samadhi or Kundalini sakti.

(2) The mind may be latent and merge in the Self; it must necessarily rise up again; after it rises up one finds oneself only as ever before. For in this state the mental predispositions are present there in latent form to
remanifest under favourable conditions.

(3) Again the mind activities can be completely destroyed. This differs from the former mind, for here the attachment is lost, never to reappear. Even though the man sees the world after he has been in the samadhi state, the world will be taken only at its worth, that is to say it is the phenomenon of the One Reality. The True Being can be realised only in samadhi; what was then is also now. Otherwise it cannot be Reality or Ever-present Being. What
was in samadhi is here and now too. Hold it and it is your natural condition of Being. Samadhi practice must lead to it. Otherwise how can nirvikalpa samadhi be of any use in which a man remains as a log of wood? He must necessarily rise up from it sometime or other and face the world. But in
sahaja samadhi he remains unaffected by the world. So many pictures pass over the cinema screen: fire burns away everything; water drenches all; but the screen remains unaffected. The scenes are only phenomena which pass away
leaving the screen as it was. Similarly the world phenomena simply pass on before the Jnani, leaving him unaffected. You may say that people find pain or pleasure in worldly phenomena. It is owing to superimposition. This must not happen. With this end in view practice is made. Practice lies in one of the two courses: devotion or knowledge. Even these are not the goals.
Samadhi must be gained; it must be continuously practised until sahaja samadhi results. Then there remains nothing more to do.

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Beloved Readers, The Blog

Beloved Readers,
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Egoless service

You are doing a great service deepamjee in collecting and bringing these valuables. It needs a lot of wisdom to be able to select them the way you do.

It reminds me of Osho who used to base his teachings on quotes and teachings of other sages...

Why invent the wheel unless there is ego involved?

sonti | Mon, 01/05/2009 - 09:59
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Sahaja samadhi

The state of Sahaja Smadhi is really a permanent state but it comes after much meditation and long penance ,but really a great state to enjoy the life in real way.
A state beyond description just to feel and enjoy it.

madan_gautam | Sun, 02/22/2009 - 07:44