Sri Krishna The Charioteer of Blissful Life

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Sri Krishna The Charioteer of Blissful Life


Amma's message on Janmashtamai, Sri Krishan's birthday 19 August 2003

We are once more celebrating the Birthday of Sri Krishna. The fact that the Birthday of Sri Krishna, who lived thousands of years ago, is remembered and celebrated with so much enthusiasm is a clear testimony of the greatness of Sri Krishna. But Sri Krishna is not one who should be remembered once in a while. To worship Sri Krishna is to become Sri Krishna. We need to lead our life according to Sri Krishna’s vision and teachings.

Sri Krishna’s form is beautiful. This beauty is not only of the body, but of the never-diminishing beauty of the heart. All positive aspects of human life, expressed to the fullest and blended with divine beauty, become Sri Krishna’s form.

Sri Krishna’s life teaches us how to really lead our life in the world. He was the Great Master who turned failures into celebration. Death is the inevitable for everybody—it will come one day or the other, whether one laughs or cries. Then why not keep smiling? This is what Sri Krishna conveyed through His life. He is the charioteer who leads the chariot of our human life to the realm of divine bliss.

Sri Krishna’s life was an explosion of laughter. Many laugh pointing out the mistakes and drawbacks of others. But the laughter of Sri Krishna came from his revelling in the inner bliss of the Self. It is good to laugh forgetting oneself fully. We should also be able to laugh understanding our own weaknesses and mistakes.