sprituality has to be bifercated from relgion,mystism and yoga to get the real essence of the truth.

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It is better to bifercate religion, mysticism and yoga from spirituality. Since spirituality is based on the formless entity. Religion,mysticism and yoga are based on the physical entity. The religion and its ideology and its theories are true only in experince of duality.

Religion, mysticism and yoga is for the people, who believe their physical entity, as true self, and who accept experince of duality as reality.

Religion and yoga and concept of god are valuable tool in worldly life. but is not of any use in pursuit of truth.

Since, there are many religious devotees in the this forum and one has to respect their feeling and their individual views and opinions.And their individual experiences and opinions are most valuable to those who are in religious and yogic and mystical paths.

Spirituality is a personal journey,it is not for condemning religion and its idea of god and its saints and sages or their practices.Spirituality is for: to find and realize the truth to overcome the experince of duality.

Since, spirituality is based on the beyond, and it is a journey towards beyond. And seeker of truth has to reject the untruth, and accept only truth, in the pursuit of truth. And it is no use of mixing religious and yogic ideology.Since, Spiritualists consider non dual truth[self] as god. And other then the true "Self", rest is all illusion.

By mixing up religion and spirituality, it neither helps the religious people, nor yogis,nor the truth seekers. Since all are based on the different base of understanding.Mixing anything with spirituality, is like dancing teacher teaching maths, who has no knowledge of maths.

It is better to move a head in chosen path, without mixing one another, to get the best results without disturbing their mindset.Therefore one has to choose his path and move a head in the chosen path without mixing up anything other than his chosen ideology.

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I think you said this well. My only comment is that "life is the path", and there are no rules.

Really, we are living life without having any control over where we're going. Only the Present moment is where we exist. Everything else is an illusion.


Omkaradatta | Tue, 09/23/2008 - 06:34
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Re: Well said

dear Omkaradutta,
Sweet. Thank you.
Take care
With love respect and regards

santthosh kumaar | Tue, 09/23/2008 - 10:29