The Split

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One day when I woke up in the morning there were two.

The seer.

And all the rest.

It seemed somehow difficult to function this way.

He was not under my tight control anymore.

At least not the way I had used to have him.

But soon I found out that I did not care.

Now we are two.

And there is the world.

Which is not separate from him.

And I am so thin.

So thin.

Almost unnoticeable.

If I were not it, I wouldn't imagine that it exists at all.

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magnificent description

This is a magnificent description!

And the animated depiction of the split that provokes the question what was the old "I" that was split: the big red ball or maybe the red ball together with the tiny blue ball. And maybe the blue ball is just an outside reaction? a realization? an outside guru?

enlight | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 07:45
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Exactly what I was wondering about the balls.

It is a beautiful piece that feels like stirring something deep within.

lalo | Sat, 09/26/2009 - 07:45