Spirituality v's Science, Religion

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All spiritual traditions of all ages
give us the SAME concept of “Realization,”
that is: realization of “spirit,” spirituality.
or more specifically: “Self-realization.”

In the pure spiritual traditions of Non-duality
the meaning of Self-realization is all about this “spirit” being “One with the Universe.”
This One that is the Universe is Self. Thus “Self-realization.”

Modern Medicine defines this feeling or awareness of “Being one with the Universe” as Depersonalization: “A state in which the normal sense of personal identity and reality is lost, characterized by feelings that one's actions and speech cannot be controlled.”

Modern Medicine also gives us the diagnosis of “derealization” for anyone who “thinks” (s)he is this “One with the Universe”: the non-dualistic SELF.
Derealization: “Psychiatry: An altered and unreal perception of things and objects in space/time, which may be accompanied by depersonalization. See Hallucination.”

-- O'no

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So all the buddhas and christ and krishna -depersonalized and hallucinating ?
The double bind.Is the caterpillar dreaming its a butterfly or vice versa...
To understand with the mind, that which is beyond the mind...{ :-) }


MAI | Sat, 05/12/2012 - 13:06