Spirituality is a gambling game

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Sometimes, the true seems false and the false seems true, the effective seems ineffective and the ineffective seems effective.

You can not really know, you cannot really tell the one from the other.

Any validation, whether it is a theory, an instinct, a belief, a supporting argument, an authoritative opinion, a scripture, an experiential proof - ultimately they all themselves can be true or false.

In other words, the only truth you have access to is the fact that you cannot know whether something is true or false.

Therefore, the only sincere option you are left with is to admit it and then either to gamble or not to care about truth.

If you decide to gamble, gamble all. Put all your chips on one square and only then spin the wheel. And when you spin the wheel, remember that you are just a gambler, an addictive gambler.

If you decide not to care about truth, surrender all, including the spiritual quest. Genuinely don't care, genuinely accept whatever happens without giving up to the temptation to explain it.

Deciding not to care is, of course, also a gamble.

Therefore, whatever you decide, spirituality will always be a gambling game, even if you decide to let it go.

Remembering this is the only effective thing you can really do. And so few of us do remember to remember this.